Thurleston TM 15 48
Suffolk Leave Ipswich town centre on Henley Road, turn left into Thurleston Lane after about three miles.
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Thurlston St Botolph was a church where Catholic priests ministered before the Reformation, but which was made redundant by the switch to congregational Anglican worship, for where was the congregation in this tiny place? In modern terms, the Reformation was an act of corporate downsizing, and St Botolph would never be used again.

In 1867, the site was levelled, and surviving masonry was taken away. Some of it was used in the complete rebuilding of the nearby Whitton St Mary and St Botolph church, and some was used to build a grotto on the back garden of Father George Drury, an early Anglo-catholic in extremis, the Rector of Claydon, Akenham and Thurleston in the 1850s and 1860s. Both Whitton church and the grotto survive today, but here in Thurlston there is nothing to see.

Road to nowhere. St Botolph woz 'ere. Source Copyright Peter Buttle

Updated 2 November 2010

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