Scarning TF 95 12
Norfolk Directions not known
Status not known Contact - none known

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According to L W Reynolds there is mention of a St Botolphs Chapel (but no evidence of parochial use) in both the History of Norfolk 1805 Francis Blomefield Vol and History and Antiquities of The County of Norfolk 1781 M J Armstrong. At the present time, I have been unable to trace any other information or pictures. On a visit on 28 December 2001 I failed to find the chapel and the Scarning church is dedicated to St Peter and St Paul. A local contact suggests that a chapel to the north of the church, now a private residence, may be the one sought. I did not have time to investigate further before dark. In due course I hope to source more information and, if it still exists, to take my own pictures.
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Updated 14 April 2002

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