North Cove TM 46 89
Suffolk E of Beccles off A146 towards Lowestoft
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A neat thatched roof, decorated windows, and an eccentric red-brick tower that is rather pleasing beside the solid Norman nave, which is betrayed by the splendid south doorway. Decorated windows punctuate the wallsbut are rather far apart. Inside on the walls of the lengthy chancel are the finest surviving medieval wall-paintings in Suffolk. They are remarkable for their quality, their condition and their extent. There are three basic elements. On the north and south walls is the story of the Passion of Christ. Beside this, a mighty Doom; God oversees the separation of sinners and virtuous. Interleaved throughout, the vines which are the symbol of St Botolph. The paintings almost certainly date from when the chancel was new, in the 13th century. They were painted over at the Reformation in the 16th century, evangelical texts were applied over this in the 17th century, and they were uncovered by the well-meaning Victorians, who revealed and nearly ruined them. And today, they are restored to their original vibrancy. What of the rest of the church? The fixings for the Lenten veil would be the star attraction in many a church, and the 17th century scriptural roundels, one over part of the wall-paintings, are worth more than a passing glance.

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