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In useby the Antiochian Orthodox Church Contact: Tim Thompson

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St Botolphs, Lincoln, was built in the early part of the 12th century on a grand scale - the church was second only to the cathedral in size. A chantry was added in 1344. In 1644 Parliamentarians besieged the city and the Church was severely damaged in the attack - even the lead off the roof was used to make bullets. The stone vaulting began to decay and in 1646 a large part of it caved in. Thus, at the time of the Reformation, the whole property of the church was said to exist of one bell and a register. However, in 1721 the site was cleared and work began on the building of a new church with a nave, tower and chancel. This was augmented in the 19th century by two aisles. The quatrefoil windows are of interest and the tower contains a substantial amount of stonework from the original church. Our Nave dates back to the 19th century although much of this has been lost with the addition of the side aisles. In the walls, there are some stones dating back to the original 12th century church, one of which is the head stop depicting a lady wearing a wimple.

St Botolphs is reported to be in use by the Antiochian Orthodox Church

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